Support for the SOTKA-project

Many ducklings hatch in the boreal wetlands of Finland, where some of the best NW European breeding areas for migratory waterbirds are found. The SOTKA-project aims to restore 400 hectares of prime brood habitat to help declining waterbird populations.

The SOTKA-project is mainly funded by the Finnish government, but funding provided by other sources is also welcomed and will serve to improve the impact and scope of the project. In celebration of World Migratory Bird Day 2021, Waterfowlers’ Network collected 4,500 EUR which has been donated to the SOTKA-project as part of the restoration of the Korpinurmi Wetland.

Large-scale habitat management and restoration are essential factors in the successful conservation of migratory species - and that is exactly what will be happening over the coming three years through the SOTKA-project.

Claus Lind Christensen, president of Waterfowlers’ Network, says:

Our network was established to encourage and facilitate cross-border cooperation between the waterfowlers of NW Europe, and ultimately to ensure sustainable waterfowling opportunities for future generations. So, when we heard about the SOTKA-project, we were all ears, and for a while we have been exploring ways of supporting the work in Finland.

Our partner organizations in United Kingdom (The British Association for Shooting & Conservation), The Netherlands (The Royal Dutch Hunters' Association) and Denmark (The Danish Hunters' Association) raised this initial donation, and we hope to raise further funding in the coming years.


Photo by Petri Jauhiainen / Finnish Wildlife Agency

Photo by Petri Jauhiainen / Finnish Wildlife Agency