The National Association of Regional Game Councils

The National Association of Regional Game Councils (NARGC) represents a total of 24,000 associate members and is the largest game and conservation organisation in Ireland. NARGC is governed by 28 regional bodies with no less than 960 affiliated clubs, all ran by volunteers. Main activities are game and target shooting, hunting, fishing and archery, and members work together locally for a common purpose.

The association works to protect its members’ rights and traditions, for the conservation of Irish wildlife and to prevent further destruction of wild habitats as a result of many years’ intense agricultural production.

Shooting and hunting is done in co-operation with the many small farmers and landowners in Ireland, who are often key members of the clubs. Club activities such as game meat tasting nights, heaviest duck competitions and longest pheasant competitions are very special days in our hunting calendar.

After 51 years in existence, NARGC’s key strength is its ability to bring people together for the betterment of our sport.