Waterfowlers’ Network Duck Nest Project Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how the Waterfowlers’ Network complies with its obligations as a Data Controller for the Duck Nest Project.

If you have any queries then please contact any of our partner organisations via the links on our partner pages or send an e-mail to Lene Midtgaard at lmi@jaegerne.dk.

The project

The Waterfowlers’ Network was established in 2019 and it is currently comprised of seven partner organizations from: the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands. In 2020 the Waterfowlers’ Network launched a project looking to monitoring the breeding success and usage of artificial duck nests. The first stage of the project was initiated at the beginning of 2021 with the partner organizations promoting artificial duck nests such as duck tubes, nest baskets etc. in their respective countries. The second part of the project looked to capture information on the usage of duck nests via an online recording form.

Duck nests are often destroyed before the eggs have a chance to hatch, through predation, trampling from livestock or disturbance from people. Artificial duck nests offer security and protection from the elements, and when used properly have been shown in other countries to boost fledgling success. The Waterfowlers’ Network wants to investigate the success of artificial duck nests in the UK and Europe and to boost breeding success of mallard and other waterfowl.

The information we collect about you

The Duck Nest Project can only be a success through the input and sharing of data from participants. Personal information such as your name and e-mail address will be requested on the online recording form. Please note it is not compulsory to provide personal information. There will also be an opportunity at the end of the online recording form to provide additional comments and observations. Any personal information which has been entered into here will also fall under this privacy policy.

The online recording form will also ask for environmental data such as: habitat type, site management, whether the nests were successful and what species used the nests. This information cannot be used to identify you.

If you opt to receive an email newsletter your name and email address will be stored by the Waterfowlers’ Network. You can unsubscribe at any time either by using the link contained in each newsletter or by directly contacting the Waterfowlers’ Network.

How we will use your data

The purpose of this project is to monitor the usage of artificial duck nests across the UK and Europe. Therefore, any data collected through the online recording form will solely be used for research purposes and for further promotion of the project (e.g. through press releases, magazine articles, etc.), which will be made available to the general public. Data will be fully anonymised before being used in this way. We will not release any identifying or personal information to members of the public.

Any information entered onto the online recording form will be stored by the Waterfowlers’ Network in Europe and shared with the following partner organizations: The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, The National Association of Regional Game Councils, The Danish Hunters’ Association, The Finnish Hunters’ Association, The German Hunting Association, The Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management and The Royal Dutch Hunters’ Association. Your data will not be shared with any other third parties or sold.

Data will be stored throughout the duration of this project, which is expected to last a number of years, so that the usage of the duck nests can be monitored over time. If this project ceases all personal and identifying data will be deleted.

You have the right to ask us to stop processing your personal information and you also have the right to have your personal information deleted. If you wish us to action either of these rights please either e-mail Lene Midtgaard at lmi@jaegerne.dk or contact any of our partner organisations via the links on our partner pages.

Waterfowlers' Network, May 2021