Finnish Hunters’ Association

With 160,000 members, Finnish Hunters’ Association is the largest and oldest non-governmental hunting organization in Finland. We cover the whole of Finland, excluding the Aland Islands. The association was founded in 1921 to promote organized, sustainable hunting.

Finnish Hunters’ Association is a reliable and respected expert partner for all stakeholders. We collaborate with numerous Finnish and international organizations on various aspects of hunting, conservation, and game management. Ever since Finland became a member of the EU, much of hunting-related decision-making has taken place at the EU level. This means that more and more emphasis must be put on international collaboration.

Today the nearly 100-year old Finnish Hunters’ Association aspires to be the home for every hunter. Our values are: Respecting Nature, Responsibility, Communality, Expertise, and Keeping the Hunting Culture Alive. We want to preserve the hunting culture in Finland and adapt it to a modern nature hobby that promotes mental and physical well-being. In the future, our goal is to be an even stronger opinion leader in hunting-related decision making.

The main role of the Finnish Hunters’ Association is to protect the hunters’ interests and secure the future of hunting. Our work in practice includes, for instance, educating hunters on hunting, shooting, and game management. Furthermore, we fund numerous projects related to game management and conservation. We have also organized youth camps and after-school clubs for a very long time. We believe in systematic youth work because it is the only way to ensure that the future of hunting will remain in good hands