The German Hunting Association (Deutscher Jagdverband/DJV)

The German Hunting Association (Deutscher Jagdverband/DJV), umbrella-association of German Hunting Associations for Game, Hunting and Nature, is a registered nature conservation association. The DJV consists of the 15 hunting associations of 15 federal states (Bundesländer); all except Bavaria. With around 245.000 members, the DJV represents 70% of the licensed hunters in Germany.

The member federations of the DJV, the national hunting federations (Landesjagdverbände), are independent organizations and subdivided into county-groups. The guiding objectives of DJV are to promote hunting as well as to represent hunters politically and societally at state level. This includes the protection and the preservation of diverse, healthy and free-roaming game-populations as well as the protection of their habitats.

The DJV actively supports goals of environmental protection, nature conservation and animal welfare.