The Danish Hunters’ Association (Danmarks Jægerforbund)

With around 90.000 members, the Danish Hunters’ Association is one of the largest green organisations in Denmark. The Danish Hunters’ Association represents the Danish hunters and defends their interests by working for nature while securing as many sustainable hunting opportunities as possible. Also, the Danish Hunters’ Association works to promote the reputation of hunters in general.

Members of the Danish Hunters’ Association is organised in around 900 local hunters’ clubs that are spread throughout the country. The hunters’ clubs have different features available to their members, such as shooting ranges, hunting grounds or activities like hunting dog training.

While the hunting rights in Denmark belong to the landowners (yet may be leased by other hunters), hunting for waterfowl on Danish territorial waters is open to anyone with a valid hunting license. This means, that waterfowling is a convenient and popular way for many hunters to start their hunting career.