The Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management

The Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management (SAHWM) has about 150.000 members spread out over the whole country. Sweden is a long country including highly diverse nature types with the arctic tundra in the north and a more continental climate in the southern parts.

Swedish hunters are organized in 30.000 hunting teams, and the average Swedish hunter hunts 28 days per year and spend many more days on outdoors activities. SAHWM is formed by 22 county organisations and have about 100 employees and 5.000 volunteers within the organisation. In Sweden, hunting and game conservation is a shared responsibility for hunters and landowners. Hunting rights belong to landowners.

SAHWM is commissioned by the Swedish Government to lead parts of Swedish wildlife management– and the organisation have a history of 76 years of game management in public service. Leading work for the commission on “fact-based management” and the work include e.g. collecting wildlife statistics, including harvest data. SAWHM has a long tradition of participating in various research projects and being active in conservation work.