About Waterfowlers' Network 3rd November 2019

Waterfowlers’ Network was established in 2019 and has visions reaching far into the future. We want to make the world a better place for birds and waterfowlers alike, and we will do this by improving data collection, restoring habitats and actively engaging in sustainable management of waterbirds.

The network currently includes seven partner organizations forming the decision-making and financially responsible core of the network. The partner organizations will seek to collaborate with other stakeholders in order to coordinate and strengthen our efforts, and we will attempt to fill gaps in the current conservation efforts directed towards waterbirds. We have no intentions of competing or interfering with any work that has already been initiated.

The network initially received ideas and support from Aarhus University, Finnish Wildlife Agency, FACE, AEWA and Wetlands International, who are all included in our coordination group and will be invited to participate in future meetings and workshops.